Dustin Yellin

Dustin Yellin’s meticulous 3D collages envision intricate realities on the cusp of art, science and social enterprise.

Rather than a traditional art school education, Yellin studied for a year with a physicist after dropping out of high school. During this time, he harboured a life-long interest in art and science, and began preserving specimens, both real and imaginary, in layers of resin so that they appeared to levitate in clear solid blocks. 

Select Achievements
  • Works held in collections at the Brooklyn Museum, the City Museum in St. Louis and the Anakapa Art S.L./KGervas Collection in Madrid
  • Solo show, 10 Parts, at GRIMM Gallery, Amsterdam, 2017
  • Developing virtual realities with Google, 2016
  • 2015 Diverse Works: Director’s Choice, 1997–2015, Brooklyn Museum, New York
  • Permanent public installation, Psychogeographies, on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, 2015

The health risks of working with resin, however, soon forced Yellin to reconsider his method, leading to the development of his signature technique: drawing, painting and collaging onto multiple layers of glass, then fusing them together with transparent glue. While the result had the same aesthetic as resin, it meant that Yellin could move back and forth between layers, refining his dystopian visions. By incorporating magazines, encyclopedias and books into his works, Yellin reaches across a breadth of art history from Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights of the early Dutch Renaissance, to Joseph Cornell’s Surrealist assemblages, and Hannah Höch’s Dadaist photomontage.

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“I was always finding things my whole life and trying to make relationships and tell stories between these objects”

Psychogeographies, which takes its title from the works of influential French thinker and Situationalist, Gu

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