Portrait of Pedro Pedro sitting on chair in studio

Pedro Pedro

Juicy still lives that celebrate the everyday

“The paintings take on their own life, outside of my everyday encounters with the objects depicted.”

Pedro Pedro re-imagines still life in juicy paintings of the everyday. “I attempt to animate objects that I interact with daily and give them personality or life,” he says. Lush tableaux of fruit, flowers, clothes and food jostle alongside cigarette butts. The colours and shapes are cartoonish and playful – full of exaggerated lines. Much like his painting style, Pedro's process fuses analogue and...

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Don Pablo Pedro, aka Pedro Pedro, (he/him) was born in 1986 in Miami, United States. He now lives and works in Los Angeles.

Did you know?

While recovering from an operation in hospital, Pedro had the idea to use a bed sheet as a canvas. Since then, he's only used raw linen to create his paintings, usually with watercolours.


The painter has had solo exhibitions with The Hole gallery in New York. They include Cantaloupe and Kokomo (2021) and Still Life (2020). In Los Angeles, he showed Pedro Pedro: Why We Should Steal A Cow ? (2019) at New Image Art gallery.

Collaborations with Pedro Pedro

Avant Arte and Pedro Pedro have one upcoming collaboration.