Avant Arte will apply two factor validation of ownership on the artwork editions it sells. This is done by using a combination of a physical ownership certificate and a digital certificate that’s put in the blockchain. None of the two is valid without the other one.

How it works: The digital certificate is stored in the blockchain

At production of the artwork a unique (one time made) physical certificate is made and hand signed, as well as a unique (one time made) digital certificate is created. This digital certificate is stored in the blockchain, immutable from that moment on. No one can tamper with the digital certificate and it has a direct link between the physical and the digital certificate, so there is always a digital immutable representation with the exact info about the artwork.

Our blockchain development is an ongoing process and through time we’ll introduce more features to our digital certificates together with our partner, for example to enable you to transfer ownership of your digital certificates yourself.

The Avant Arte blockchain certificates are created in partnership with Verisart.com.