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Avant Arte will apply two factor validation of ownership on the artwork editions it sells. This is done by using a combination of a physical ownership certificate and a digital certificate that’s put in the blockchain. None of the two is valid without the other one.

The big advantages are very clear and important:

  • Even if someone steals the artwork and the physical certificate, then that person is still not the legitimate owner of the work because he doesn’t hold the digital blockchain certificate.
  • Or if a hacker might somehow get a hold of the digital certificate, then he still is not the legitimate owner because he doesn’t have a hold of the physical certificate.
  • If you sell the artwork, you can ship the artwork + the physical certificate directly and once it’s arrived safely and you’ve received your money, then you can transfer the digital certificate also. Only after that last step the full ownership is transferred from the seller to the buyer.
  • Also, before you sell it you can show to a potential buyer that you are actually the owner, without physically meeting each other.


How it works

The digital certificate is stored in the blockchain

At production of the artwork edition a unique (one time made) physical certificate is made + signed as well as a unique (one time made) digital certificate.

The digital certificate is stored in the blockchain

That digital certificate file is hashed and that hash is stored in the blockchain. A hash is a unique code that’s being calculated based on the actual unique file. If anything is changed to that file, even just one pixel, the hash will be different and the file will not be validated in the blockchain anymore. Meaning it’s been tampered with in that case.