Shipping & Packaging

Once your order has been placed successfully, it will be packaged in our custom-built wooden boxes and shipped to you using one of our selected global carriers, which we will update you on by email. If you have questions or need any help, please get in touch via the online chat or email There are also answers to a number of frequently asked questions below.

  • We like to make sure each edition is absolutely perfect by taking a few extra steps. This means orders can take 2-4 weeks to get to you while they are framed (if you have ordered a framed work), checked and await the seal of approval from the artist themselves. We do our best to ship as quickly as possible, so we really appreciate your patience during this process as our main priority is sending something to you that is perfect and that you will want to keep in your collection for many years to come.

  • Every finished work we send to our collectors is packed in a flat, wooden box that has been custom-built for your piece. Once securely packaged inside the box, we attach your shipping labels and any necessary customs documents, as well as include your Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist.

    Please remember to take extra care when opening the packaging and unwrapping your artwork. We include handling gloves for you to use for this or if you just fancy wearing them out on weekends.

  • Shipping costs depend on the size, weight and destination of your artwork. Shipping costs are calculated prior to checkout and included in the total cost of your order, with no additional charges beyond the cost of delivery to us. All orders are shipped using our selected premium carriers.

  • Yes, we ship internationally using selected global carriers.

    Please be aware that international orders may be subject to relevant customs duties of the destination country. Customs fees should be paid upon arrival and are in addition to shipping and handling costs. As customs charges are governmental taxes, we are afraid we cannot discount or reimburse you for these costs.

    If your country is not an option at checkout, please email us at and we will contact our carriers directly to get a delivery quote.

  • We declare all shipments as limited edition artworks, subject to the nature of the piece ordered. We cannot mark your shipment as a gift.

  • Every shipment to any of our collectors is fully insured from the moment it leaves our warehouse to when it arrives at your door.

  • You may be charged duties by your country’s customs. The exact amount can vary depending on the artwork itself and customs laws of your country. We pay extra close attention to orders going through customs. Each order will have the correct documentation so that minimal appropriate duties are applied.

  • We ship all orders on our standard service using premium global carriers. If you require express shipping please contact us directly and we can facilitate this.

    Please see below for for a list of shipping destinations and standard delivery times.

    If your country does not appear on the list, please contact us via the website chat or email and we will provide you with more information.


    Shipping destinations and delivery times                                            

    Australia: 4-5 days

    Austria: 3-4 days

    Belgium: 2-4 days

    Bulgaria: 4-5 days

    Canada: 4-7 days

    China: 4-5 days

    Croatia: 5-6 days

    Cyprus: 5-6 days

    Czech Republic: 3-4 days

    Denmark: 3-4 days

    Estonia: 4-5 days

    Finland: 4-5 days

    France: 3-4 days

    Germany: 3-4 days

    Greece: 4-5 days

    Guernsey: 4-5 days

    Hong Kong: 5-6 days

    Hungary: 3-4 days

    India: 4-5 days

    Ireland: 4-5 days

    Israel: 5-6 days

    Italy: 3-4 days

    Japan: 4-5 days

    Lithuania: 4-5 days

    Luxembourg: 3-4 days

    Mexico: 6-7 days

    Netherlands: 1 day

    New Zealand: 4-5 days

    Norway: 5-6 days

    Poland: 3-4 days

    Portugal: 3-4 days

    Romania: 5-7 days

    Russia: 3-4 days

    Slovakia: 3-4 days

    Slovenia: 5-6 days

    South Africa: 3-5 days

    Spain: 3-4 days

    Sweden: 4-5 days

    Switzerland: 4-5 days

    Thailand: 4-5 days

    Turkey:  3-4 days

    Ukraine : 4-6 days

    UAE: 4-5 days

    UK: 3-4 days

    US: 4-6 days