Dan Holdsworth

Argentiere Glacier NO .01 (Black), 2017

Edition of 50 80 x 44.2 cm
We teamed up with Grieger to produce this exceptional limited edition. This edition is an 2D render from 3D cloud model. This edition will be ready to hang on the wall, no need for framing.

€ 850,00

Including VAT
Inside EU

VAT considerations:
For NL Consumers & Companies € 850,00
For EU Consumers € 850,00
For EU Companies € 802,00
Outside EU Consumers & Companies € 802,00

Shipping in 4 - 6 weeks


Produced on C-Type paper on aluminium

Shipped according to the highest standards

Dan Holdsworth


Photography is an ever-evolving technology to which Holdsworth has dedicated his entire life and career.

It is not entirely sure, where in time Dan Holdsworth’s photography is located. His committed bonds with science advance both image and reality into the future.

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