Blondey McCoy

Beautiful Chemical Imbalance

Edition of 125
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Beautiful Chemical Imbalance – 1
Beautiful Chemical Imbalance – 2
Beautiful Chemical Imbalance – 3
Beautiful Chemical Imbalance – 4
Blondey McCoy
69.5 cm
86.8 cm
Mirrored aluminium composite panel
Print technique
UV print
Printed by
2 weeks

Avant Arte has come together with Blondey McCoy to launch an exclusive limited edition. Blondey McCoy, his creativity and recognition as an artist is clear, in this new age for arts, it does not matter how he got there, because he embodies the future image of an icon of this period in arts. The artwork is a UV print on mirrored aluminium composite panel. This edition will be ready to hang on the wall, no need for framing.

Talking Art: Blondey McCoy
Blondey McCoy

Instead of going to school, Blondey spent most of his time soaking up the ever-present cultural references of London’s concrete-casted Southbank skate park.

Though it was skating that allowed Blondey to find ties to himself and make bonds within his environment, he moves with ease between multiple worlds and has five different things on the boil at all times. For him, there is little difference between the designs he makes for his clothing brand Thames London, the collages which end up in galleries or collaborations with Burberry, the artist Damien Hirst or the photographer Alasdair McLellan. They all originate from the same compulsion to create. 

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