Jake & Dinos Chapman

Limited Edition Etchings – 6B

Edition of 100

Each etching is a limited edition of 100 and based on the artists’ drawings of their new sculptures Life and Death Vests (2017). Each print is signed and numbered on the back by the artists. The titles refer to the different thickness of pencil used for each drawing, giving each set of prints it’s own particular aesthetic. Prints are sold without a certificate, your invoice is your proof of ownership.

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For NL Consumers & Companies € 436.00
For EU Consumers € 436.00
For EU Companies € 400.00
Outside EU Consumers & Companies € 400.00

Shipping in 4 - 6 weeks

chapman etching 3A
chapman etching 3B
chapman etching 3A (1)
1966 & 1962, UK - Visual Artists

Jake & Dinos Chapman grew up largely in Hastings, a faded seaside town in southeast England. After studying art separately in London, they began their collaborative career in 1988 by enrolling together at the Royal College of Art. From the get-go, they were involved with one of the most famous, and provocative partnerships in world of modern British art, working as assistants to Gilbert & George.

Despite their differences, it is easy to see a kinship between the two duos: the same tendency to combine sophistication and gutter humor, the same desire to explore the topics most likely to cause offence, and, of course, the same sense of working as an indivisible artistic unit. But, since they began their career a quarter of a century ago, the Chapmans’ work has had a strange and disturbing identity all of its own.

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