Michael Kagan

Higher Places, 2017

Edition of 70 71 x 101 cm
A meticulously produced replica of his signature oil painting which puts all the accent on accurately depicting the richness and thickness of his unmistakable brushwork. Available in 70 copies of 28,0 x 39,8 inch, on 310gsm Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag Paper.

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Originally painted with oil on linen using his aggressive and forceful brushstroke technique, this image is a classic example of Kagan's recognizable visual language. Language that is balancing between abstraction, when examined from up close, and detailed, almost technical representation when seen as a whole.

Michael Kagan's work often focuses on images of humans pushing the limits of what is possible. This is most noticeable in his series depicting astronauts and space explorers, from which we've picked the "Higher Places" image.
Each print is individually signed and numbered by Michael Kagan.
When examined from up close, and detailed, almost technical representation when seen as a whole. This peculiar interactive element allows the works to “fall apart or come back together depending on how you read the image and also how close you are”. Such distinctive approach brought Kagan multiple collaborations with Pharrell Williams and his Billionaire Boys Club, series of commissions based on the archives from The Smithsonian, as well as the cover artwork for the White Lies' album.

Shipped according to the highest standards

Michael Kagan
1980, United States

Painter & Media Artist

Michael Kagan’s oil-based paintings are eclectic – heavy brush strokes in sharp primary colours do not let the viewer get away easily.

The way Kagan paints attracts attention. His game is not so much one of perspective as it is of immersion. Like through a whirling wind of colours one is hauled into the canvas, nearly hypnotically. To stand further back from the image is an attempt to understand it, while the following step towards it only testifies to an unexplainable magic.

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