Jules de Balincourt

Island People

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Island People – 1
Island People – 2
Island People – 3
Island People – 4
Jules de Balincourt
60 cm
73 cm
410 gsm Somerset tubsized satin paper
Print technique
Silkscreened satin spot varnish
Printed by
Coriander studio
2 weeks

Screen printed onto 410 gsm Somerset tubsized satin paper, and accented with silkscreened satin spot varnish. Produced by Coriander Studio print house. Paper size 73cm x 60cm. Image size 61cm x 50.8cm.

Jules de Balincourt

Jules de Balincourt is charmingly normal. He hesitates to put himself on a pedestal, he doesn’t like interviews and chances are high he doesn’t know how funny he is.

A classically trained ceramicist, the artist arrived in New York nearly two decades ago and has since worked as a painter with due experience and commitment. His New York studio is filled with large amounts of different brushes arranged in curious ways. They have different purposes and will be used for different moods. But, he doesn’t have a brush fetish, so he says.

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