Jan Kaláb


Edition of 50
€ 327.00 Including VAT
Inside EU

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For NL Consumers & Companies € 327.00
For EU Consumers € 327.00
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Sonoma – 1
Sonoma – 3
Sonoma – 4
Jan Kalab
60 cm
50 cm
Thick white core paper
Print technique
Silkscreen printed using 5 hand pulled colors
Printed by
Jan Kalab
2 Weeks

"Sonoma" limited edition has been produced on a custom shaped thick white core paper measuring 50 x 60 cm (19,7 x 23,6 inch), and was silkscreen printed using 5 hand pulled colors. The result is a vibrant artwork limited to only 50 pieces, signed and numbered by the artist. This fine art edition successfully conveys the tension and vibrancy of Kalab canvases, continuing Avant Arte's efforts to create outstanding reproductions of some of the most remarkable and inspiring new contemporary artworks.

Constructing his concepts on a basic shape which defines the universe both at macro and micro sphere, Kalab plays with it's exactness by adding unexpected imperfections. Combining this effective deception with radiant color compositions his creations are balancing between representing an organic form and a digitally generated glitch.

Jan Kalab

Starting out as a graffiti artist on the streets of Prague, colours and their compositions have remained the most important part of Jan Kaláb’s work.

The relation to colour could not be more obvious than in a body of work called the rainbow series. Jan Kaláb’s paintings are abstract and start digitally. He plays with different hues and tones in the computer first, digital models are made. Then, the physical process begins and the entire process starts anew. You never get the same colours in real life.

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