Katrin Fridriks

Personal Speed of Light

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Personal Speed of Light – 1
Personal Speed of Light – 2
Personal Speed of Light – 3
Personal Speed of Light – 6
Personal Speed of Light – 5
Katrin Fridriks
85 cm
85 cm
410gsm Somerset enhanced radiant white satin paper
Print technique
Fully archival inkjet technology
Printed by
Coriander studio
2 weeks

Katrin Fridriks insisted on keeping the signature thickness of the paint and texture effect. By carefully selecting certain areas through the embossing technique, as well as applying partial glossy varnish, the finished works enhance the volume effect and the brightness of the colors.

Studio shots
Katrin Fridriks

An entire galaxy could be contained in the paintings of Katrin Fridriks. They are a testament to the Icelandic artist’s force of nature.

She inherited Iceland’s native narrative, that of sublime nature and of glaciers and geysers. Hot and cold matter colliding. An explosion which doesn’t create extinction but the endless patterns of life. Organic shapes inhabit Katrin Fridriks paintings as if abstract astronauts had made them while looking back at the Earth through space.

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