Katrin Fridriks

WASTE 48, 2018

Edition of 1 20.5 x 16 cm

WASTE is a limited edition imagined by Katrin Fridriks from a selection of 98 original waste, collected between July and November after different painting sessions. The limited edition Waste is a Book, size 20,5 x 16 x 3 cm, in a box edition, the cover is silk-screened with white ink and contains an original micro-painting and three documents :

  • a catalog with reproductions of 121 chosen waste paint-splashes; 98 EX, 17 AP, 3 SP, 3 SE.
  • a poster (with image of studio floor after painting) 59 x14,7 cm – silk screened in black ink
  • a leporello 62×14,7 cm with a statement by Dr. Klaus Speidel and scientific comments by Dr. Loftur Reimar
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    48 EX 98 Waste_Catalog
    4 FRIDRIKS Waste edition Leperello
    Book 4
    waste 3
    Katrin Fridriks
    20.5 cm
    16 cm
    3 cm
    Print technique
    The cover is silk-screened with white ink
    2 weeks
    Katrin Fridriks

    An entire galaxy could be contained in the paintings of Katrin Fridriks. They are a testament to the Icelandic artist’s force of nature.

    Katrin inherited Iceland’s native narrative, that of sublime nature and of glaciers and geysers. Hot and cold matter colliding. An explosion which doesn’t create extinction but the endless patterns of life. Organic shapes inhabit Katrin Fridriks’ paintings as if abstract astronauts had made them while looking back at the Earth through space.

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