Avant Arte exists to bring the work of outstanding artists to a new generation. We relish every opportunity to do this – through artworks, storytelling, and street-level interventions.

Cai Guo-Qiang

Contemporary artists

We collaborate with some of the world’s finest contemporary artists to create works of exceptional quality.

204Avant artists

Online collective

Our global community is the largest, most engaged online art community in the world.

2.5Mfollowers online

Global movement

We’re part of a worldwide movement, making discovering and owning art radically more open for a new generation.

92collector countries

Our philosophy

We believe strongly in the impact of art: that it can transport you beyond yourself and make you think and feel in more profound ways than almost anything. We also think that it can impact hundreds of millions more people than it does today.

We work in mediums that help to open the aperture for our community, creating new ways to discover and own works from exceptional artists, while seeking to retain the elevation of quality and depth of expression that makes art such a transformative human experience.

Pushing the gold standard of edition making

We’re obsessed with enabling artists to take the practice of editioning to new levels. We work closely with each one of them to find mediums that best reflect their practice, from monoprints and hand-finished works to bronze sculptures, hand-blown glass and NFTs.

We’re unrelenting about the quality of every single piece and work closely with our artists throughout the process to make sure that their stories and intentions are realised to an exacting standard.

Collaborating with the world’s best makers

We want our commitment to detail to be apparent in every edition we release. To achieve this level of quality, we work exclusively with master printers and expert makers from the world’s best printing and production houses.

From Japanese bronze foundries to Carrara marble quarries and world-renowned screen printing houses, we’ve built a trusted network of the best makers across any medium, anywhere in the world.

Enabling the next generation of collectors

Avant Arte exists to help a new audience discover and own works from outstanding artists, and our attitude to anyone interested in what we do is to always be open and approachable. We build meaningful relationships with our collectors, and prioritise their experience and trust over selling a piece.

We’ve built a uniquely passionate community across the world, which means our works typically sell out very quickly on release, sometimes in a few seconds.

Read more about us

We’re still right at the start of what we want to achieve, but here are a few interviews, articles, and pieces to give you an idea of who we are and what we’re building.