artists studio with painting on wall and rows of paint pots and tubes in the foreground

About us

Avant Arte is a curated marketplace that aims to make discovering and collecting art radically more accessible for a new generation. We collaborate with leading contemporary artists to create limited edition works – from sculpture editions and works on paper to NFTs and hand-finished silkscreen prints.

We want to bring art to people around the world in new ways and to set a gold standard for edition making. We’ve grown our community to over 3 million strong across more than 100 countries, and we’re proud to collaborate with leading public institutions on fundraising partnerships that engage the next generation of patrons.

Jenny Holzer sitting in her studio, glancing to the side, with two paintings on easels behind her

“Avant Arte people are bizarrely intelligent, effective, pleasant, playful and generous. Clone them.”

Jenny Holzer
An AvantArte tote bag signed by Ly

Making art accessible

We believe that art’s potential is far greater than its current impact – and we want to help. Over the years we’ve launched a range of initiatives to help create more access points to discovering and collecting art, from installing large-scale sculptures as part of our public art programme to demystifying relevant topics in Avant Advisory.

We aim to help collectors at any stage in their collecting journey find something they’ll love. You can browse our available artworks or you can always reach the team directly through our live chat.

Talking about art differently
From artist interviews and short films to concise opinions and guides on collecting, Avant Arte Insights provide an intimate view of the art world’s inner workings.

Opening access to collecting
Our time-limited programme radically shifts the access point for collectors worldwide to limited edition artworks by world-leading artists. In 2022, we launched our first time-limited edition in order to raise money to fund the medical bill of an artist who was badly affected during the pandemic. We found it to be a powerful way to deliver on our mission, providing access to thousands of collectors while maintaining exceptional standards with the materials and techniques we use. We’ve grown our programme of time-limited editions to include some of the world’s most renowned artists and used it to support museums around the world.

two portraits of Omai and Frederic Douglass painted in thick gestural brushstrokes
Nina Chanel Abney black frames
Colourful semi-abstract painting
A parameter sweep of Dmitri Cherniak's ringers realised in black white and yellow

Supporting public access to art
We believe that putting art into people’s paths is key to making important work accessible to the greatest possible audience. Kicked off with a serene bronze sitter by Tschabalala Self in 2022, our public arts programme places works by leading artists in front of thousands of people in new spaces. We’re proud to be able to support more incredible artists in making their first large scale public works as part of this programme.

artist wearing all black, sitting on the base of a colourful sculpture in central London

Supporting the most exciting artists

We’re proud to work with some of the world’s most exciting and celebrated contemporary artists, and introduce their practices to new audiences. We’re obsessed with helping the artists we work with tell their stories authentically, on bigger stages than ever before.

You can browse our artists with upcoming collaborations or learn more about Artist’s Artist, a channel dedicated to featuring the most iconic profiles of artists’ favourite artists.

Hiroya Kurata looking at the camera wearing a lime green hat
a close-up portrait photograph of artist Michaela Yearwood-Dan wearing a denim shirt over a white t-shirt
artist Devan Shimoyama wearing a denim jacket over a white tank while he sits on the floor in front of flowers
Moe Nakamura portrait infront of wooden sculpture
a monochrome portrait of NFT artist Jake Fried
Henry Gunderson portrait on sofa
Tahnee Lonsdale portrait
Szabolcs Bozó sitting in blue overalls wearing a cap in his studio
Marina Perez Simao sitting on a chair in front of several colourful paintings
Jean Jullien sitting in his studio wearing white overalls and holding a white mug
Marina sitting in front of a colourful painting and smiling wearing a black shirt
Danielle Orchard sitting in a chair in her studio with paint covered overalls on
Aaron Johnson sits in studio with his dog
A close-up portrait of Maxwell Mustardo in his studio with hanging mugs on the wall behind him
a close-up portrait shot of Takeru Amano wearing a blue woolly jumper
Katie Hector portrait
Nina Chanel wears brown jacket and beanie
artist Minhee Kim wearing black and looking into the distance in her studio
Hikari Shimoda dons pink hair and green glasses in a portrait
artist Ai Weiwei taking a selfie in a bathroom mirror
Jenna Gribbon wears gingham suit in portrait
Sarah Zucker profile image
Futura portrit

Makers beyond the marketplace
We’re proud to sell art to a new generation of collectors through our marketplace. But we’re also printmakers and creative producers who can realise an artist’s work in any medium. From Make-Ready, our specialist silkscreen studio in London, we support artists with printmaking of the highest quality as a new or central part of their practice. Our team of creative producers help each artist produce editioned works across all mediums through partnerships with expert makers around the world.

blue paint going down on Parra print
Print layers displayed on board
a bronze santa holding a christmas tree shaped butt plug painted in red
Bronze sculpture of seated woman with a hat
Soft sculpture of leather and cloth, Roots by Tau Lewis
The Future

Engaging new audiences
Providing access points, context and engaging storytelling to new audiences is fundamental to making art accessible – we do this both on and offline. Highlights include lighting up Manhattan with LED trucks bearing Jenny Holzer truisms, gathering 20,000 perspectives on power with Ai Weiwei’s middle finger, bringing Hank Willis Thomas and For Freedom’s billboards to London, and streaming Ayako Rokkaku’s process for a live audience of more than 10,000.

Placing their work in museums’ permanent collections
Many of the artworks artists have made exclusively with Avant Arte have since been acquired and placed within the permanent collections of leading international museums. These acquisitions not only attest to the exceptional quality of the works but are also important in demonstrating our commitment to fostering meaningful connections between artists and institutions, as well as creating a public legacy for the pieces we make.

Elizabeth Peyton's Mai being looked at by Nicholas Cullinan at National Portrait Gallery

“Working with Avant Arte on the Ai Weiwei editions project was creatively inspiring, professionally accomplished, and economically transformative for the funding model of the Design Museum’s Ai Weiwei exhibition.”

Tim Marlow, CEO and Director of the Design Museum of London

Another important part of our mission is supporting the institutions that have ensured public access to art for many decades before us. Through partnerships with a range of leading museums, we have reached millions of people online, raised millions of dollars for non-profit organisations and brought together a community of thousands of new patrons around the world who lend their support by collecting editions from leading artists.

LACMA wordmark
The Design Museum wordmark
NPG wordmark
Cozomo de’ Medici wordmark
Dia Art Foundation
Tim Marlow, Ai Weiwei and a printmaker inspecting test prints

Enabling a new generation of collectors

We believe uniting a new generation of collectors is fundamental to helping art reach its potential. Collecting art can feel like an esoteric world to enter, so we aim to provide entry points, information, and access to help new and experienced collectors on their collecting journeys.

Whether you’re a first-time collector or sit on the board of a museum, collecting makes you a contemporary patron of the arts. We think this deserves a thoughtfully designed experience and the highest possible quality. From our printmaking to our packaging, we aim to bring the same meticulous attention to the experience we give Avant Arte collectors as the artists we work with bring to their work.

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Working with Avant Arte

We’re a team of curators, printmakers, designers, technologists and creative producers – bringing together diverse talents who are united in the belief that art can have a profound impact on people and that there is work to do in helping many more people across the world experience it.

We have a print studio in London, physical logistics based in Amsterdam and members of our team spread from Lisbon to New York. If you’re interested in opportunities to work at Avant Arte, please get in touch via our Careers page. We’re also always looking to partner with Ambassadors who share our mission to make art more accessible. If this sounds like you, please reach out via our Ambassadors page.