We’re a team with really big ambitions – both in what we want to achieve and the environment we want to create. We’re growing fast too, building for a global community of artists, art collectors and art lovers, from our offices in Amsterdam and London.

Avant Arte
Avant Arte

What we do

We collaborate with exceptional contemporary artists to produce and launch editions of outstanding quality. Our online community is also one of the largest, most engaged art communities in the world.

We’re obviously a bit biased, but we think Avant Arte is a really exciting prospect for anyone who wants to learn fast in a high-quality environment, and who cares about creating something big in an area of culture with huge potential for meaningful impact.

What we're about

We want to create a company that remains thoughtful as we scale and stays genuinely progressive in how we operate. We want people to really own what they do and be given the autonomy and freedom to make mistakes, learn, and create something meaningful.

We know that creating an inclusive environment that promotes and values diversity is critical if we want to build something with impact and meaning. We believe that having diversity in age, background, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective will make us an infinitely better company.

There are extremely diverse skills across the people in our team today, but there are three main things we look for across all roles:

  • Ownership
    Proactively taking ownership of the end-solution, even when it’s not in the job description.

  • Quality
    Approaching problems with analytical rigour, intellectual curiosity and purpose. Demonstrating a desire for every output to be of exemplary quality.

  • Collaboration
    Wanting to share the light, not take all the credit, being open to feedback of all kinds, and a default attitude of warmth and kindness.

Hear from us

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Our hiring process

We always try to run efficient processes, with clear communication throughout and a focus on being respectful of a candidate’s time. Naturally, our recruitment processes are tailored to the role and level of seniority, but this is the general structure:

  • Application
    This is a written application that involves 3-5 questions specific to the role you’re applying for.

  • Phone interview
    A 30-minute call with the person hiring for your role, focussing on your career and experiences, as well as any questions you have about Avant Arte or the role.

  • Practical stage
    A 1-hour session, typically with the person you met at the previous round and another colleague. You’ll present some materials prepared in response to a topic that is likely to come up frequently in the role you’re applying for. You’ll have at least a few days to prepare, and it shouldn’t take you more than 2 hours.

  • Final round
    A 45-minute interview with another senior member of the team. You’ll be able to dig into the culture of the team and make sure there’s a fit on both sides.

  • Offer
    We’ll make you an offer of both salary and equity, as we want everyone in the business to feel like an owner and share in the value of what we’re building together.

  • References
    We’ll ask you for a list of references, including one friend and one family member. We usually speak to 3-5 people per candidate so we can get a full picture of how we can best work together and create the right environment for you to thrive.

  • Onboarding
    We take onboarding really seriously. You’ll receive a bespoke onboarding pack in advance of joining, with more details about the role and lots more background on Avant Arte. Where possible, we’ll try to have some pre-onboarding sessions so you can get to know your manager and the rest of the team better, and when you join there’s a tailored programme of sessions to get you fully up to speed.

We’re always massively grateful for feedback on how we can improve the experience for anyone interviewing with Avant Arte. If you want to get in touch, you can email us at

Open positions

We’re always on the lookout for talented people, whether your skills fit into one of our open roles or not. For any spontaneous applications, you can contact us at