We believe in the impact art can have on people

That it can transport you beyond yourself

And make you think and feel in more profound ways than almost anything

We think it can impact hundreds of millions more people than it does today

Avant Arte brings the work of artists we’re inspired by to the biggest online community of young art lovers in the world.

We collaborate with iconic contemporary artists to produce and launch sculpture editions, limited edition prints and unique works on paper of exceptional quality.

We collaborate with iconic contemporary artists to produce and launch sculpture editions, limited edition prints and unique works on paper of exceptional quality.

And we’ve built a passionate community of collectors, which means our launches are 4 times oversubscribed on average, often selling out in minutes.

The Avant Arte community is part of a global movement to make art radically more accessible, for a whole generation.

Curtis & Christian got into art originally through rap lyrics and album covers, starting a simple blog of artists they were discovering back in 2015.

That blog developed a cult following in Amsterdam and the community grew exponentially on Instagram over the next couple of years.

They met Mazdak, whose background was in music, in 2017 and he joined as Avant Arte’s third co-founder a year later.

The Avant Arte community is now over 2.3m people online. We’ve collaborated with more than 60 iconic artists on 80 exclusive projects, from 6-foot bronze sculptures to lightboxes made from real dandelion seeds.

We’re still right at the start of what we want to achieve with Avant Arte and we’ve built an early team full of ambition and drive, split between London and Amsterdam.

We care a lot about what we want the company to become so everyone works incredibly hard and we’re committed to creating an environment that remains kind and thoughtful as we scale.

We know that creating an inclusive environment that promotes and values diversity is critical if we want to build something with impact and meaning. We believe that having diversity in age, background, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective will make us an infinitely better company.

Avant Arte’s core principles are:

We put artists before anything and build meaningful relationships with our collectors.
Avant Arte only ever has collective achievements and we try to conduct business as if our parents are watching.
We take full ownership but also build and test things fast.
“Avant Arte people are bizarrely intelligent, effective, pleasant, playful and generous. Clone them.”
Jenny Holzer

We’re incredibly proud of the team we’ve built so far and aim to raise the bar of quality with every new person who joins Avant Arte. There are extremely diverse skills across the people in our team today but there are three main things we look for across all roles:

You proactively take ownership, even when it’s not on your job description, and your commitment inspires the people around you.
You approach problems with analytical rigour, intellectual curiosity & purpose and you demonstrate a desire for everything you output to be of exemplary quality.
You want to share the light, not take all the credit, you’re open to feedback of all kinds, and your default attitude is warm and kind.

We’re obviously biased but we think Avant Arte is a really exciting prospect for people who want to learn fast in a high quality environment, who are excited about helping make art as popular as music or widely collected as fashion, and who care about building something big in an area of culture with huge potential for meaningful impact.

We’re always on the lookout for talented people, whether your skills fit into one of our open roles or not. Here are the positions we’re actively hiring for at the moment:

  • Sales Executive (Talent Pool)
  • Lead Software Engineer
    London / Amsterdam / Remote available
  • Senior Full Stack Engineer
    London / Amsterdam / Remote available
  • Social Media Manager
  • Data Scientist
    London / Amsterdam / Remote available
  • Production Operations Manager

Hiring amazing people is really hard and we know that being hired by a company you’re excited about can be even tougher. We try to run processes with clear communication throughout, that are efficient and respectful of candidates’ time, and where we follow up with people promptly and proactively. We know how the opposite feels because we’ve experienced those processes and made mistakes running them in the past.

We’re always massively grateful for feedback on how we can improve the experience for anyone interviewing with Avant Arte.

Each of our recruitment processes are tailored to the role and level of seniority but they follow this general structure:

  • Application
    This will involve 3-5 questions specific to the role that we’ll assess your written responses to. You can spend as long as you want on them of course but the answers shouldn’t need to take you more than 20 minutes to write.
  • Phone interview
    A 30 minute call with the person hiring for your role, focussing on your career and experiences, as well as any questions you have about Avant Arte or the role.
  • Practical stage
    A 1 hour session, typically with the person you met at the previous round and another colleague. You’ll present some materials prepared in response to a topic that is likely to come up frequently in the role you’re applying for. You’ll have at least a few days to prepare these materials but they shouldn’t need to take you more than 2 hours to complete.
  • Final round
    A 45 minute interview with another senior member of the team. You’ll be able to dig into the culture in the team and ensure there is a fit on both sides.
  • Offer
    We’ll make you an offer of both salary and equity, as we want everyone in the business to behave like an owner and share in the value of what we build together. We provide a range on both sides so that candidates can choose what they want to prioritise within their package.
  • References
    We ask you for an extensive list of references, including one friend and one family member, usually speaking to 5 references people per candidate. This is not to check you are who we think you are (for which we’ve found referencing pretty redundant) but so that we can get a full picture of how we can best work together and create the right environment for you to thrive.
  • Onboarding
    We take onboarding really seriously, as the forgotten child of recruitment. You’ll receive a bespoke onboarding pack in advance of joining, with more details about the role and lots more background on Avant Arte. Where possible, we try to have some pre-onboarding sessions so you can get to know your manager and the rest of the team better, and when you join there is a tailored programme of sessions to get you fully up to speed.