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Avant Essay, Barbie Pink

Barbie Pink

Barbie is everywhere, but what's pink got to do with it?

7 min read
Devon Shimoyama in Pittsburg

Devan Shimoyama in Pittsburgh

From the Warhol Museum to Croatian murals, Devan Shimoyama shows us why Pittsburgh deserves a spot on any American art pilgrimage.

4 min read
Avant Essay, Are graffiti tags the purest art form

Are graffiti tags the purest art form?

Tagging offers no reward beyond the rush of its creation, and the chance to be part of something bigger.

5 min read
Avant Advisory – What is an edition?

What is an edition?

At Avant Arte, limited edition artworks are our bread and butter. As with many good things, they come wrapped in jargon. Read on for a quick fix summary of everything you need to know to start collecting.

6 min read
Black and white photo of Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp was a visionary Dadaist renowned for his "readymades", challenging and redefining artworld conventions.

Avant Essay, Art in the Age of Femme Pleasure

Art in the Age of Femme Pleasure

As Janelle Monáe’s new album heralds the age of pleasure, femme visual artists are also imagining sexualities liberated from the male gaze.

4 min read
Portrait photo of Lubaina Himid

Lubaina Himid

Lubaina Himid is the Turner Prize winning artist, curator and professor championing Black British art. Here's the story of how she got there.

Avant Essay, Is racism the price we pay for representation?

Is racism the price we pay for representation?

Tschabalala Self’s sculpture was vandalised by racists who painted her skin white – symbolically erasing exactly what it was intended to represent.

3 min read
Black and white photo of Elizabeth Peyton

Elizabeth Peyton

Since the birth of art, humans have painted themselves. But what do portraits mean today? And how do they continue to capture precious moments of history?

artist Maxwell Mustardo sitting on the doorstep of his studio with sculptures arranged on the steps outside

Maxwell Mustardo

"Can a mug be lustful, sweaty, & gluttonous?"

5 min read
LUV skating past four red phone boxes

Living with LUV

LY arrives in London to showcase new horizons in the world of LUV. Discover the pop-up, plus new opportunities to collect.

5 min read
Black and white photo of Georgia O'Keefe

Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe was a pioneer of American Modernism. Her sensual paintings, from the early 1900s to her death in 1986, reflect the promise and pitfalls of the 20th Century.

José Parlá striding towards a large abstract painting, paintbrush in hand

Sensory Inspiration

The origin story for a new collaboration with New York legend José Parlá got us thinking about some of the unexpected places where artists find their art.

5 min read
Portrait photo of Stanley Whitney

Stanley Whitney

Stanley Whitney was born in 1946 in Philadelphia, USA. His blocks of high-key colours have made Whitney America’s greatest Black abstract artist.

Keita in Tokyo

One Thousand Portals: Keita Morimoto in Tokyo

Tokyo might be the densest metropolitan area in the world, but it isn’t all go-go-go. Keita Morimoto introduces a quieter side of Tokyo.

3 min read
close up portrait of Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei: Printing Power

Go behind the scenes at Make-Ready in London as Ai Weiwei reflects on the profundities of printmaking, and its lineage within his practice.

2 min read

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