How to unlock your Super Cool World print

How to unlock your Super Cool World print

We are collaborating with Nina Chanel Abney to open the opportunity to acquire a print of her Super Cool World NFT collection. On April 28th, the 48 hour printing window opens. Discover everything you need to know below.

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Nina Chanel Abney printed Super Cool World NFTs

All Super Cool World holders will have the unique opportunity to live with my work outside the NFT that's in their wallet, with the chance to acquire something tactile and carefully created.

Nina Chanel Abney

Step 1

If you don’t already own a Super Cool World NFT, discover and purchase one you love via a marketplace such as Opensea. Browse the collection here.

Step 1 nina chanel

Setting up a crypto wallet to purchase and store an NFT:

– You will need a crypto wallet with sufficient funds to purchase an NFT. Setting up a MetaMask wallet and using a google chrome extension or the mobile app are typically the easiest ways to set yourself up.

– Once your wallet is set up make sure to keep your seedphrase safe and do not share it with anyone. The seedphrase is the only way to recover your wallet and use it on new devices.

– Make sure your wallet has enough ETH in it to make the purchase. You can add ETH to your wallet through MetaMask. See the next step for how much ETH you may need. It’s always wise to get ~€10-20 worth of ETH more than you need to cover any blockchain transaction fees.

Find the NFTs you'd like to collect and have printed:

– Check the SuperCoolWorld collection on Opensea for available NFTs. The quickest way to purchase an NFT is by looking for an NFT that is listed for sale. If an NFT is listed for sale, you can add it to your cart.

– If the NFT is not listed for sale, you can make an offer for it, although this may take a while to be accepted or may be rejected by the owner of the NFT.

– Once the transaction has been completed, the NFT should now be in your wallet.

If you are buying an NFT once the printing window has started, please check if the NFTs you like have been printed yet or not using the registry on the product page - each NFT can only be printed once.


Connect your wallet on the Avant Arte website. You will then be able to choose from your Super Cool World NFTs to transform into a print.

Step 2 nina chanel


Once your order has processed, our team of printmakers in London will transform your selected digital artworks into physical prints.


Your artwork is completed with an authenticating QR code, stamp and unique title.


Your prints will arrive in bespoke boxes, along with art handling gloves. If you selected framing at checkout, your prints will arrive ready to hang in bespoke black wooden frames.


By scanning the QR, you will be able to authenticate your print, verifying your ownership of the original NFT and connected print.

Step 6 nina chanel

When you scan your QR, you will be redirected to an Avant Arte page where you can authenticate your print. You'll be asked to login to your Avant Arte account (same as the one you purchased the print with), then to your wallet where the NFT is. Once logged in, a green tick appears showing that the print is fully authenticated. The page is accessible to everyone (if you have the URL) but, only those who can login with the right email and the right wallet will be able to fully authenticate the piece. If the print has already been authenticated (by you or someone else), you will see which wallet has authenticated the piece and therefor the current owner of the print.

Nina Chanel Abney release

If you have any further questions, please contact



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