Marina Abramović

The GOAT of performance art didn't get where she is today without risking her life a few times. Born 1946 in Belgrade, Serbia, this trailblazing artist has taken on some of the most extreme feats of endurance and vulnerability – including one of the weirdest break-ups you've ever heard.

What’s the weirdest break up you’ve ever had? 

In 1988 Marina Abramović and Ulay, her long-term partner and collaborator, walked from opposite ends of the Great Wall of China to say goodbye in the middle.

It was very dramatic and a very painful ending.

Photo of Marina Abramović walking The Great Wall of China

The Lovers: The Great Wall Walk (still), 1988/2008

For five decades, Marina has used performance art to process trauma – from heartbreak to war. 

In 1974 she gave her audience 72 objects to use on her. Even a pistol. She wanted to see what these perfect strangers were capable of.

Her performances are daring feats of endurance and vulnerability based on a simple premise: 

The audience and the performer make the piece together.

In 2010, she performed her most demanding work to date at MoMA.

Marina sat completely still for eight hours at a time, and the public queued up to sit with her.

She only moved once, when Ulay sat opposite her. 

Photo of Marina Abramović sat at a table with a sranger

The Artist is Present, 2009

Photo of Ulay and Marina Abramović back to back with their hair tied together

Relation in Time, 1977/2010

Photo of Ulay pointing a bow and arrow at Marina Abramović while she is holding the other side of the bow

Rest Energy, 1980

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