Monotype Series

Series of 15

Bridget Mullen combines rhythm and repetition in a series of unique monotypes.

Consisting of 15 individually titled artworks, all differing in colour and form, the series pushes Mullen’s work in new directions. Combining oil based etching inks with extensive hand-finishing in vinyl paints, Mullen experiments with darker tones in a variety of overlapping compositions by enlisting ghost printing techniques. Guided by intuition – no preliminary studies or sketches are required – Mullen begins each monotype with repetitive mark-making and lets the process flow from there.

Created in collaboration with 10 Grand Press of New York, the prints are composed by direct painting onto plexiglass plates, running those plates through the press, repositioning them, then continuing that process until the ink runs clear. This method caters to Mullen’s impulsive creative process and brings movement and energy to her work.