Adel Abdessemed

Jules de Balincourt

Marc Quinn

Robert Nava

James Jean

Conrad Jon Godly

Michael Kagan

Jake & Dinos Chapman

Henry Hudson

Chris Succo

Tomokazu Matsuyama

“Detail oriented and willing to put in their all for the sake of creating a perfect work – I do admit that tends to be Japanese.”

Jonny Niesche

Joey Wolf

Felipe Pantone

Blondey McCoy

Dan Holdsworth

Katrin Fridriks

Paul Insect

“The polished and fake view of the world we are given, the hi-res beauty and the low-res violence. And the way we mask ourselves from the world.”

Lara Zankoul

Elliot Dodd

Jan Kaláb

Devin Troy Strother

Jen Stark