artist wearing a bulbous fake nose and gloves with large, sausage-like fingers – covered in paint

Paul McCarthy

An American fever dream

“It’s always been this thing of looking at the underbelly of western culture – and the horror of its results."

Paul McCarthy concocts a twisted American Dream like no other. He weaves sculpture, film and installation into exquisitely constructed scenarios. Throughout, there are nods to all corners of society – from Disney and Donald Trump, to pornography and war. In the 1970s McCarthy became known for his performances and videos. These early works launched McCarthy into the limelight where, through a proce...

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Paul McCarthy (he/him) was born in 1945 in Utah, USA. He now lives and works in Los Angeles.


Paul McCarthy is a hugely influential artist – courting controversy and critical acclaim in equal measure since the 1970s. He's known for satirical artworks in an ever-growing variety of mediums and formats.


To make art McCarthy has used everything from bronze and plastic to ketchup, chocolate and faeces. Early in his career such choices emerged from financial constraints. Since, they have come to align closely with the conceptual framework of his practice.

Collaborations with Paul McCarthy

Avant Arte and Paul McCarthy have one upcoming collaboration.