Johnson Tsang looking towards the camera with several of his sculpted heads behind him

Johnson Tsang

Surreal fantasies and lucid dreams preserved in masterfully-sculpted porcelain.

"Art changed the way I observed things happening around me."

Johnson Tsang’s surreal porcelain sculptures balance illusionary compositions with hyperreal aesthetics. Despite their delicate craftsmanship, they depict grotesque scenarios: a human face twisted like a wet towel; a fed-up newborn trapped inside a birdcage; or stacks of human heads squashed inside glass cabinets. Half cherub, half Buddha, the artist’s bulbous figures have an amusing fleshiness. W...

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Johnson Tsang was born in 1960 in Hong Kong, where he continues to live and work.


Tsang spent 13 years in the police force before beginning his career as an artist. To this day the memories from these years provide inspiration for his uncanny, serene-yet-sinister sculptures.


In 2009, his incredible success at international art events earned him The Secretary for Home Affairs’ Commendation from the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Collaborations with Johnson Tsang