artist A-Lei smiling in his studio


Monsters, misunderstood.

A-Lei channels one key idea into his pottery – monsters aren't scary, just misunderstood. Animals and beasts become single figures, while objects like radios have human features. The sculptures range in scale from small to medium-sized, with some larger bronzes. A-Lei's process is intricate and meticulous. He starts by sketching in his notebook and sometimes on paper with ink. Then, he sculpts the...

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YehHsin-Hong, known as A-Lei (he/him), was born in 1976 in Taiwan, where he continues to live and work.

Did you know?

The name A-Lei comes from the Japanese word ‘あれ,’ meaning ‘that is.’ This sentiment taps into the fact that the artist sees his work as observational – a direct translation of all that is around him.


As a child, A-Lei had a passion for animatronics. This continues to inform his practice today. Each of his works is a bit like a toy, a unique character which is part of a wider, imaginary plot: his practice. In addition, the sepia tones of his work are inspired by the metropolis of his home, Taiwan.

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