artist Chen Wei Ting wearing a denim jacket and seated in his studio

Chen Wei Ting

Tender art on longing, regret and childhood paradise

"My painting started as diary, which tends to be in a written form. What is the meaning of one’s self?"

Chen Wei Ting is an artist who explores longing, loss and childhood nostalgia. His whimsical work spans poetry, painting, sculpture and installation. Largely, he focuses on the emotional tension between childhood innocence and growing up. Vintage toys and alter-ego creatures feature as confidantes of himself. Some works are intertwined, with paintings often evolving into physical objects or sculpt...

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Chen Wei Ting (he/him) was born in 1991 in Tainan, Taiwan. He is based in Tokyo, Japan where he lives and works.


In 2022 Chen Wei Ting was selected by CAF award (Contemporary Art Foundation). In 2021 Chen Wei Ting won the prestigious Japanese Shibuya Awards. His successful poem and painting were titled There is another me in the ocean (2021). They were selected for both the Grand Award and Audience Award categories. His works are also collected by the Lihpao Cultural Art Foundation and the Taichung Dali Art Park.

Did you know?

Chen created a 'Keep In Balance' Lamp during the Covid pandemic. It featured a panda on a ball, with flowers and dandelions in its hands. It symbolized the fleeting, delicate balance needed to stay alive and well – with a shimmering light to bring hope and joy.

Collaborations with Chen Wei Ting