Daniel Crews-Chubb in his studio

Daniel Crews-Chubb

Myths mixed in with beauty and grit

“My work is a dance between order and chaos.”

Daniel Crews-Chubb creates abstract paintings inspired by ancient mythology and history. His references span Greco-Roman deities and Celtic stonework, to tapestries and even Frankenstein's monster. This tension between the sublime and the ugly is central to his work. His process begins with preparatory drawings. Then, layers of paint are placed onto pre-stained patchwork canvases. Thick oil impast...

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Daniel Crews-Chubb (he/him) was born in 1984 in Northampton, United Kingdom. He currently lives and works in London.


Daniel Crews-Chubb is obsessed with colour, and prefers his palette to look artificial. He shoots for printer cartridge colours mixed with the kind of rugged tones normally found on an industrial site.


Crews-Chubb didn’t go to a traditional art school. He subscribed to the art journal called Turps Banana, a forum for painters to interview and critique each other. Soon after this, he started at the painting school started by the magazine.

Collaborations with Daniel Crews-Chubb