An uncanny diary of an always-online world.

Fvckrender (he/him) was born 1991 in Montreal. Today, he lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.


In 2016, Fvckrender had a bike accident and lost sensation in the left side of his body. Compelled to exercise his brain, he started experimenting with digital renders. He’s since become a leading digital artist and collaborated with the likes of Lil Nas X, Rosalía, Lebron James and Dior.

At auction

Fvckrender is one of the highest selling on-chain artists, with prices for his NFTs exceeding 171 ETH – more than 460,000 USD at time of sale. He’s also caught the attention of bidders in traditional auction houses. Shift (2021) was sold at Sotheby’s in New York for 107,100 USD.

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Collaborations with Fvckrender

Avant Arte and Fvckrender have one upcoming collaboration.

Practice overview

Fvckrender creates epic digital compositions – from arid sci-fi landscapes to opulent still life. Works are futuristic, surreal and rich with symbolism. Snakes, for example, represent manipulation. Flowers, emotion. Chains, community. These recurring visual metaphors amass into an alternate world. Likewise, the artist has developed his own metaverse. There, he can exhibit artworks exactly as he chooses – creating immersive online environments. Fvckrender’s process is intuitive, particularly inspired by nature and light. “I take a lot of photographs of how light interacts with its surroundings,” he explains. “Then I alter it in a way that wouldn't make sense in real life.” This attention to illusion resonates throughout his practice. His first non-digital sculpture EXISTENCE// (2021), for example, takes the form of a two metre high, gravity-defying chain.

Fvckrender sees art as a document of life. The creative process is a way for him to make sense of personal emotions and experiences. In particular, he talks about how art helps with his own mental health. “I myself have been dealing a lot with past trauma and anxiety, so I use my work as a diary of how I feel.” While the artist is inspired by daily life, his artworks are odd and dreamlike. Nonetheless, their subjects are swathed in incredibly realistic digital textures. In this way, Fvckrender creates an uncanny loop between the real and surreal – highlighting the ever-blurring boundary between render and reality.

“I want to tell a story of what I’ve lived – and what I’m living now.” Fvckrender