Gina Beavers smiling in front of a painting of lips

Gina Beavers

The ways we consume – and become consumed by – the internet.

“Something pretty mundane from our online lives can also be serious art.”

Gina Beavers translates social media posts into hefty, impasto paintings. Her work directly appropriates internet culture. Memes, makeup tutorials, selfies and ‘food porn’ are all selected as subjects. The artist chooses references she thinks convey a sense of idealism or beauty. She turns these images into paintings through a laborious process. First she shapes foam and acrylic medium into sculpt...

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Gina Beavers (she/her) was born in 1974 in Athens, Greece. She now lives and works in Newark, New Jersey.


The title of Beaver’s exhibition “World War Me" references a Sex and the City meme. It read: “And as our country entered World War III, I couldn’t help but wonder… is it time to focus on World War Me?” Beavers says, “we’re confronted with massive global upheavals, right next to a picture of your friend’s dog.”


Beaver’s distinctive style takes a toll. “I wear a mask and, for the large ones, I have to actually sit or lie on the piece. My doctor thinks I have carpal tunnel from making them. So they’re definitely physically demanding!”

Collaborations with Gina Beavers

Avant Arte and Gina Beavers have one upcoming collaboration.