Giorgiko outside their studio


Exploring human emotion through the eyes of childhood innocence

“Many of our characters are our explorations of ideas, representations of feelings, manifestations of our experiences – or just funny things that make us laugh.”

Giorgiko is not only an artist – it is also a universe. Masterminded by Darren and Trisha Inouye, the Giorgiko Universe is home to wayfaring girls and lost boys. Fantasy and sweetness are injected with a street-art, darker edge. They juxtapose the bold innocence of childhood with anarchist environments. The duo’s process begins with ideation between the two, often starting with Darren sharing ‘sho...

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Giorgiko is the artist name for the creative duo of Darren Inouye (he/him) and Trisha Inouye (she/her), both born in 1989 in California, USA. The husband-and-wife team currently live and work in Los Angeles, USA.

Did you know?

The moniker ‘Giorgiko’ is a play on the artists’ middle names: George and Songyi. Giorgi means ‘farmer’ or ‘earth-worker’ in Greek, while ‘-ko’ is the Japanese suffix for ‘child’. The resulting meaning of ‘earth-working-child’ represents Giorgiko’s ethos of depicting emotions through the eyes of a child.


The Giorgiko Universe is home to many mystical dogs. These creatures sometimes play with human characters, but more often they're the antagonists. The artist duo includes these beasts to represent the wild and unpredictable side of human nature.

Collaborations with Giorgiko

Avant Arte and Giorgiko have one upcoming collaboration.