Guimi You in her studio

Guimi You

Nostalgic memories and surrealist domesticity

“I wanted to think about the true meaning of family, to describe family time on the canvas.”

For Guimi You, art is tender and nostalgic. With a palette of pale colours and soft tones, her work has a transportive quality. Each painting has a sense of magic infused within it. Dreamy skies, otherworldly scenes and fanatical animals are brought together with oil on linen. You’s inspiration often begins with a walk. Sometimes in the garden, or on her daily journey to the studio. These walks re...

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Guimi You (she/her) was born in 1985 in Seoul, Korea, where she currently lives and works.


Painting is Guimi You’s life force. She returned to painting only three weeks after the birth of her son.

Did you know?

You is a huge fan of surrealism – she named her first son Dali after Salvador Dali.

Collaborations with Guimi You

Avant Arte and Guimi You have one upcoming collaboration.