Imon Boy standing in a hoodie facing a graffiti wall

Imon Boy

Graffiti life in tender candy technicolour.

“I consider myself a person who paints. When I paint or draw I introduce many concepts from the world of graffiti, and from outside of it.”

Imon Boy collapses the boundaries between graffiti and fine art. His paintings and drawings appear on canvas, paper and city walls alike. Boy himself is usually the main protagonist – tagging trains, caught by police or relaxing with friends on the beach in his hometown, Málaga. The fluid, cartoon style is accentuated by candy colours and smooth surfaces. Boy’s first port of call for inspiration i...

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Imon Boy (he/him) was born in 1991 in Malaga, Spain where he continues to live and work.

Did you know?

Once, Boy was caught tagging by an undercover cop. She told him to remain calm because, actually, she was a fan of his work from Instagram. She then gave him her number. But Boy freaked out, lost the number, and regretted it ever since!


The artist has been fascinated by space ever since he was a child. He has a PhD in physics and space science (astronomy), and always aspired to be an astronaut. Sadly he exceeded the maximum height limit by a few centimetres.

Collaborations with Imon Boy