Jaime Munoz staring towards the camera wearing a hat

Jaime Muñoz

Domestic Labour.

“My reflections have led me to understand the nature of colonialism and the ways that it has shaped the myth of modernity”

Jaime Muñoz deftly reveals the “myth of modernity.” His multimedia paintings are digitally designed, then constructed by hand on bespoke wood panels using paper, glitter, texture paste and acrylic paint. The compositions mix decorative motifs with grid-like structures which represent mathematics and construction — informed by time spent working as a manual labourer. This time made the artist parti...

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Jaime Muñoz (he/him) was born in Los Angeles, California, and currently lives and works in Pomona.


Muñoz has exhibited worldwide, in locations such as Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Berlin.

In print

Featured in publications including the LA Times, KCET’s “Artbound”, and Art of Choice, Los Angeles.

Collaborations with Jaime Muñoz

Avant Arte and Jaime Muñoz have one upcoming collaboration.

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