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Sharing a unique perspective into modern-day values.

“Plant a seed in the viewer's mind, let them decide if it lives or dies.”

Kaï’s self-named ANTI-advertising harnesses commercial aesthetics to share positive, anti-consumerist messages. His multimedia approach spans painting, sculpture, mural and collage – created with a range of materials including spray-paint, acrylic, wood and cement. The protagonist of his work is a minimalist cartoon character named IF, or Imaginary Friend. Based on the archetypal WC sign, IF is de...

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Kaï Guetta (he/him) is an Angeleno native who continues to live and work in Los Angeles, USA.


A cross-continental art education saw Kai study at the prestigious L’École des Beaux Arts in Paris, before returning to Los Angeles to enroll at the California Institute of Arts.

Did you know?

Kai’s first public artwork was conceived as an attempt to persuade his father to give up smoking. Glibly titled Morons, the series saw him paste cigarette packets with ironic slogans across the streets of Los Angeles.

Collaborations with Kaï