Side-profile of Kour Pour with his art behind him

Kour Pour

Opulent visuals that chart and champion cultural exchange.

“I want to make a strong and beautiful painting.”

Kour Pour creates paintings and prints that weave together three main elements: ornamentation, abstraction and repeated representational motifs. Together, these accumulate into complex, layered compositions on canvas and paper that feel simultaneously ancient and contemporary, Eastern and Western. At the crux of his practice is a methodology of appropriation: hieroglyphics are drawn from Ancient E...

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Kour Pour was born in 1987 in Exeter, UK, and now lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.

Did you know?

As a child Kour spent considerable time working in his father's carpet shop, memories of which have become a central component of his practice alongside an enduring interest in Hip-Hop and its associated modes of sampling.

At Auction

In 2015, at a Sotheby's auction in Qatar, an original painting by the artist was purchased for $162,500 USD - more than double its original estimate.

Collaborations with Kour Pour