Liang Fu, 2022

Liang Fu

Art, shaped by water

"I enjoy playing the part of the Alchemist."

Liang Fu’s practice is shaped by water. As a painter, using watercolour gives him freedom and fluidity. It allows him to play with colour, light and figuration, before finishing the details in oil paint. His deep blues and rippling brush strokes are a reflection of his liquid muse. As a sculptor, he is fascinated by stalactites – mineral formations shaped by thousands of water droplets over time...

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Liang Fu was born in Sichuan, China in 1993. He lives and works in Paris.


Fu won the competitive Delphian Gallery Open Call for emerging artists in 2020, while completing his MFA at Beaux-Arts Nantes.


As well as water, Fu is fascinated by another element – earth. He produces his own paints using mineral pigments and watercolour binder.

Collaborations with Liang Fu