Marcela Florido portait

Marcela Flórido

Exploring representations of identity through self-portraiture

“Through painting, I liberate my sense of self from the restrictive notions of gender, race and identity that surround me.”

Marcela Flórido’s work reclaims the female form through self portraits. Steeped in memories, place and identity, her figures are always female – hybrids of herself and the women in her life. Her process begins by directly drawing onto canvas, often in freestyle. As her memories combine, Flórido obsessively repaints the oil on canvas, constantly redefining the composition. Colours are inventive, in...

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Marcela Flórido (she/her) was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1988. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Flórido shares a studio with several artist friends in Brooklyn. Together, they collaborate to resolve problems such as colour theory and composition.


Florido’s many accolades include being awarded Cuevas Tilleard Art Residency in 2018. Her works are also represented around the world in public collections such as Sharjah Art Foundation and IBEU.

Collaborations with Marcela Flórido