A close-up portrait of Maxwell Mustardo in his studio with hanging mugs on the wall behind him

Maxwell Mustardo

The sensuality of clay

“Like a pig in filth, I could not be happier playing in the studio, and I find a similar reckless abandon there.”

Maxwell Mustardo’s ceramics highlight the sensuality of clay. His practice begins with everyday ceramic objects like mugs, cups, pitchers, and vases that we usually take for granted. Mustardo defamiliarises them by exaggerating their forms or coating them in bright textured plastic. His series Anthropophorae gives new life to classical amphorae (Roman and Greek pots). The bulbous shapes of the cla...

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Maxwell Mustardo (he/him) was born in 1993 in rural New Jersey. He lives and works in Quakertown, New Jersey.


Mustardo attended a Quaker boarding school until he was expelled for what he calls “moral bankruptcy.”

Did you know?

Mustardo began the Shot Glasses series while recovering from surgery. He couldn’t look down or lift heavy objects, so he started experimenting with small objects.

Collaborations with Maxwell Mustardo