Portrait of Paco Pomet

Paco Pomet

Surreal Spanish dreamscapes laced with Dada-esque parody.

“I can always rely on the redemption of art”

Pomet grew up between the city of Grenada, where he was born in 1971, and a small town, Cordoba - his father’s hometown. As Pomet himself explains, his paintings hold a distinctively Iberian sensibility. The cynicism in his work exposes a historical residue of a totalitarian Franco regime that meant fatalism was “an ingredient almost omnipresent in our culture.” In post-Franco Spain, Pomet’s tradi...

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Paco Pomet was born in 1970 in Granada, Spain, where he continues to live and work.

Did you know?

The artists cites modern cartoon series such as The Muppets and Sesame Street amongst his artistic influences.


Pomet usually works uninterrupted for extended periods, taking a painting from beginning to end in one long session to ensure a sense of continuity and maintain fresh and malleable paint.

Collaborations with Paco Pomet