Hospital Rooms

Hospital Rooms

A new partnership with Hospital Rooms will support their inspiring work advocating and enacting the ways in which art can impact mental health.

Larry Bell sat on a stool smiling in his glass work studio

Avant Arte is collaborating with Hospital Rooms to support the vital work they do in raising awareness of the role art can play in tackling mental health issues and in placing art into secure mental health wards across the UK. Over the next three years, we’ll be working closely with them to release limited edition artworks and help raise over £1m alongside fellow partner, Hauser & Wirth.

Like there is hope and I can dream of another world by Mark Titchner, 2022

Hospital Rooms

Hospital Rooms was founded by artist Tim A Shaw and curator Niamh White after a friend was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. They saw that mental health units are often dilapidated and devoid of creativity. Hospital Rooms is championing an alternative to mental health patients’ current cultural invisibility.

The charity collaborates with artists, patients, NHS Trusts, and other cultural organisations, to bring extraordinary creative experiences to restrictive psychiatric settings. Find out more about Hospital Rooms here.

Larry Bell

The first collaboration is with American artist Larry Bell to release a series of unique sculptures. Proceeds will help to raise £1million for a selection of newly built hospitals across England. Details of the series, and an accompanying edition, will be revealed later this month.

These landmark partnerships put Hospital Rooms on a new trajectory for the future. Not only will they raise significant funds to allow us to work in more ambitious ways with more people, they will also enhance awareness of the role that arts can play in supporting mental health at an international level.

Niamh White, Co-Founder of Hospital Rooms

Artwork courtesy of Mark Titchner and Hospital Rooms
Larry Bell studio shoot by Adria Malcolm for Avant Arte



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