Erik Parker framed image

Free Ride

€ 10.000

Erik Parker framed image

Behind the scenes

  • Erik Parker's new soul in print studio under press having seal poured over
  • Erik Parker's new soul in print studio under press
  • Erik Parker's new soul being cut out
  • Erik Parker hand finishing prints with black oil
  • Erik Parker hand finishing in studio with black oil

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • Incredible piece, well packaged, everything was A+++.

  • amazing piece. love the frame and unbox experience

  • first class experience from start to finish. really impressed with the work and with the Avant Arte process. 💯

  • Great service overall, makes an easy process for buying and shipping art which is typically difficult and expensive.

  • What a breathtakingly beautiful art print! What a great service!

  • very happy with the artwork and service from Avante arte

  • Wonderful work and very good quality production I hope to find a new work soon of him or of a artist that I like

  • I am impressed how piece be packed and delivered. Thank you.