limited edition print by Tomas Sanchez

Inner Love

€ 450

  • detail of a limited edition print by Tomas Sanchez
limited edition print by Tomas Sanchez

Behind the scenes

  • print by Tomas Sanchez on an easel in front of a painting
  • Verdant lakeside scene close to Tomas Sanchez's studio in Costa Rica
  • Tomas Sanchez signing a print
  • Tomas Sanchez signing a print
  • signed corner of a print by Tomas Sanchez
  • Tomas Sanchez walking through the rainforest in Costa Rica

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • artwork is simply exquisite and Avant Arte’s customer service was exceptional as always. Thank you!

  • love the quality and care put into the work. love it and cant wait to hang it at home.

  • Luv, luv, luv! Simple and clean complexity! A genuine piece of Art to love and admire...daily!

  • From start to finish, the process of purchasing, claiming the NFT counterpart, and receiving the framed piece was nothing short of excellent. My entire experience with Avant Arte displayed a level of professionalism and excellence across the board. Well done!

  • Once again amazing quality print from avant arte. Can't fault you! Looking forward to future drops.

  • Lovely art work, very professional company, the packaging was incredible. The whole process was very impressive. i will purchase more. thanks!

  • very happy with my purchase

  • Extremely happy with the artwork but also the online insight to the production and interview with the artist. The shipping and packaging are very considered and I look forward to seeing ( & buying ) other pieces