Tomas Sanchez smiling and holding a paintbrush

Tomás Sánchez

Lush, meditative landscapes celebrate nature and lament its destruction.

“I believe it’s through nature that we find freedom.”

Sánchez’s symbolic landscapes have made him one of the most important living Cuban artists. Part of Volumen Uno in the 80s, a movement that resisted the heavily censored Cuban art of the time, he has since received international recognition, with auction prices in excess of $600,000 USD. Inspired by the Romantics, Sánchez paints the wilderness of his homeland, as well as vast panoramic views of ga...

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Tomás Sánchez was born in 1948 in Cuba, and is now based in Costa Rica.


Sanchez became renowned internationally when he was awarded the Joan Miró International Drawing Prize in 1980. At this time he was also a part of Volumen Uno, now recognised as a seminal moment in the history of contemporary Cuban art.

Did you know?

The artist works from memory and imagination, transforming his experiences into new visualisations through meditation and realising them as painstakingly-detailed paintings.

Collaborations with Tomás Sánchez

Avant Arte and Tomás Sánchez have one upcoming collaboration.