Kevin Francis Gray wearing glasses and looking to the camera

Kevin Francis Gray

Compelling marble sculptures that return stone-carving to the forefront of contemporary art.

“It’s what lies beneath that fascinates me.”

Marble sculptures by Kevin Francis Gray bring traditional stone-carving techniques into contemporary view. The artist also works with bronze, clay, wood and metal to create a range of busts, standing figures and reclining nudes, as well as group compositions. Art historical influences from neoclassical and modernist sculpture combine with personal musings on life and society. Immensely textural, t...

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Kevin Francis Gray was born in Northern Ireland in 1972, and now lives and works in London, UK.

Did you know?

Unlike many of his peers who use laser cutters and other high-tech tools, Gray works by hand from start to finish - with techniques remarkably similar to those used centuries ago by Italian Renaissance and Baroque sculptors like Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Giuseppe Sanmartino.


Fashion designer Hedi Slimane, a renowned connoisseur of good taste known for leading luxury houses Saint Laurent and Céline, is an avid collector of the artist's work.

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