artist Minhee Kim wearing black and looking into the distance in her studio

Minhee Kim

Painting the grey area between humans and technology

“Mind control, ceaseless efforts and sensitivity is the key to making art for me.”

Minhee Kim is nostalgic for the futurism of the ‘80s. Her works are largely monochromatic, with subtle nods to the cyberpunk aesthetic of films like cult classic Akira (1988). Her work Crystal Eyes (2022) is painted in blue-grey tones, and various shades of pink and purple make up the character of MACKENZIE (2022). She cites contemporary artists Frederik Heymen and Yein Lee as artistic inspiration...

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Minhee Kim (she/her) was born 1991 in South Korea, where she continues to live and work.

Did you know?

When we spoke to Kim she said that, if she wasn’t an artist, she would love to be a games designer or a musician.

In the studio

Each morning when Kim arrives in the studio, the first thing she does is clean and tidy the space. Only once there is order, can she start sketching and painting her canvases.

Collaborations with Minhee Kim

Avant Arte and Minhee Kim have one upcoming collaboration.