Tomas Sanchez

Contemplar al Otro en Tarde Rosa


With his idyllic dreamscapes, Cuban artist Tomás Sánchez explores the beauty and loss of our environment in a paradise beyond the reality we know.

Contemplar al Otro en Tarde Rosa is based on his 1995 painting of the same name.

Edition size
75 editions
Framed: 72cm x 61cm x 3cm
A 20 colour screenprint on 400gsm Somerset Warm White paper.
Framing Options
All prints from the edition will be float-mounted in a custom white tray frame with protective UV glazing.
Each edition is signed, dated and numbered by the artist.
Release date
March 03, 2021
More about Tomas Sanchez

Tomás Sánchez was born in 1948 in Cuba, and is now is based in Costa Rica.