cartoon hybrid character peers over shoulder holding cigarette casually

Lost In Time

€ 6.000

George Condo

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  • George Condo leans forward over table wearing navy blazer with cubist portrait leaning behind

Behind the scenes

  • George Condo Production
  • George Condo Screen Prep
  • George Condo Warehouse
  • George Condon Print Check

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • From start to finish, the process of purchasing, claiming the NFT counterpart, and receiving the framed piece was nothing short of excellent. My entire experience with Avant Arte displayed a level of professionalism and excellence across the board. Well done!

  • What a breathtakingly beautiful art print! What a great service!

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  • As a longtime buyer of prints and editions I am extremely impressed with my first Avant Arte experience. The attention to quality, detail, packaging and the customer experience are among the best Ive seen.

  • amazing experience throughout, from the actual purchase to the delivery. it was well package and the unboxing was a sweet experience! can’t wait to have it framed and to hang it on my wall!

  • You did a great job with the framing and the packing/shipping. I buy a lot of prints from different vendors and was very impressed.

  • the Service was perfect and i love my print