Ready? by So Youn Lee


€ 550

Ready? by So Youn Lee

Behind the scenes

  • print by artist So Youn Lee on a table next to a pencil and phone
  • artist So Youn Lee signing limited edition prints at home
  • signed corner of a print by artist So Youn Lee, next to a colourful pencil

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • the item was some of the most professional packing i have seen outside of a museum. exceptionally well packed

  • great packaging, and the print is great!

  • this piece is legendary. So so happy with this purchase. Finally, my own Decendent sculpture!

  • Everything was great. Thanks!

  • 10/10 The customer service was great, it didn't take long to receive the package, the shipping was ultra safe and the entire presentation was top tier. Very impressed, cheers!

  • Thank you so much for the communications! Very surprised with the gloves, tote, personal card note, and COA! This a gorgeous piece and like nothing I’ve ever seen! Keep pushing the boundaries on art and technology!

  • Absolutely stunning print!

  • i loved the details of the note and gloves. well done!