Gisela McDaniel & Gemma Rolls-Bentley

Ahead of a hand-finished debut collaboration, Gisela McDaniel explains the enduring and vital precedence of her sitters' stories.

Having connected online several years ago, on February 18 Gisela McDaniel and Avant Arte Chief Curator Gemma Rolls-Bentley met for the first time at Second Home in Los Angeles. In an intimate conversation, the pair discuss McDaniel's redress of portraiture traditions, the importance of audio accompaniment to her practice and the capacity of paintings to act as sites for collective healing.

Gisela McDaniel answering a question from Gemma Rolls-Bentley in the sunshine
Gisela McDaniel wearing white and green in the sunshine

Featuring 13 canvases painted in deference to the lunar calendar – each accompanied by an intimate audio excerpt – McDaniel's solo show Manhaga Fuuna will be open at Pilar Corrias Gallery in London until February 26.

Photography by Maryvine Street, courtesy of Second Home Los Angeles.

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