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Alfie Caine

Dream-like spaces tinged with familiarity.

"Paintings give a permanence and new life to fleeting moments, memories and dreams."

Alfie Caine paints rich, atmospheric scenes of nature and architecture. His home is his prime inspiration. The marshes, cliffs, valleys and rivers on the East Sussex coastline, plus the houses and cobbled streets of his hometown, Rye. In his art, Caine mixes these places with memories of others he has dreamed up. Reality and imagination blur. Each work begins as a series of sketches. This stage is...

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Alfie Caine (he/him) was born in 1996 in London, England, and now lives and works in Rye, East Sussex, England.

Did you know?

Caine is a passionate musician. He’s worked with pianist Olav Tronsmoen, after being invited to song-write with him in Norway. In 2010 Caine used the money he earned from singing on an advert to buy his family dog, Rocco. The dog’s made an appearance in many artworks ever since.


Alfie Caine completed a residency programme at Bridgepoint Creative Arts Centre, Rye. The area had such a profound impact on him that he moved there permanently when the residency ended. Caine also studied architecture at Cambridge University, so has a trained eye for space.

Collaborations with Alfie Caine

Avant Arte and Alfie Caine have one upcoming collaboration.