Bony Ramirez sitting in his studio wearing a red tshirt

Bony Ramirez

A heartfelt portrait of the Dominican Republic

“Depicting my childhood experiences and scenes is a way of not letting go of memories.”

Bony Ramirez makes paintings that celebrate his Caribbean roots. Nature is a big part of that – as it was central to his childhood growing up in the Dominican Republic. Wildlife and greenery pop up regularly in his paintings. Plus, the figures he paints are close to nature too – they often go barefoot and their limbs are long, distorted and plant-like. Just like his inspirations, Ramirez paints fr...

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Bony Ramirez (he/him) was born in 1996 in the Dominican Republic. At the age of 13, he moved with his family to New Jersey, United States, where he continues to live and work.


Ramirez couldn’t afford art college in America. Instead, he worked in construction with his uncle. Despite only having one day off a week, he spent it painting.

Did you know?

Ramirez used to buy second-hand paintings from thrift stores and use them as canvases. To disguise their textured surface, he pasted paper over the top. Today, he still uses this method, but now works on linen stretched onto oak board.

Collaborations with Bony Ramirez

Avant Arte and Bony Ramirez have one upcoming collaboration.