A portrait of Camilla Engström in her studio

Camilla Engström

Sensual landscapes with a surreal twist

"My paintings help me travel to magical places without having to actually leave."

Two words sum up the work of Camilla Engström – sumptuous and surreal. Breasts drip milk from the sky and curvaceous women bask in the sun or enjoy lush bowls of fruit. Without any formal art training, Engström has developed her painting from intuition. She meditates every day and doodles all the time in her sketchbook. These drawings are then transferred onto canvas using light brushwork in oil p...

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Camilla Engström (she/her) was born in Örebro, Sweden in 1989. She lives and works in Los Angeles.


Engström shares regular TikToks of her wildly dancing to music in her studio. Though a self-confessed introvert, she likes to reveal her fun personality. "I try to not take myself too seriously," she says.

Did you know?

Engström attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, and worked as a fashion assistant in New York. The positive response she got for her drawings pushed her to pursue a career in art.

Collaborations with Camilla Engström

Avant Arte and Camilla Engström have one upcoming collaboration.